Who is Kameron?

kamdunbar_webKameron Dunbar is a dynamic student at Oberlin College studying what makes people, places, things and institutions tick and how to keep them ticking. A Politics major, he understands the complexity of groups and organizations and seeks to help them run effectively and reach new heights.

A true communicator at heart, Kameron is pursuing a minor in Rhetoric and Composition to aid him in developing his ability to present various ideas and thought. He does so not by stark delivery of words on a page, but by touching hearts and tapping into minds. Communications, broadly, has become one of his passions, and he has demonstrated so by practicing communications work in several political offices including those of the U.S. Senate and the Detroit Mayor’s Office.

Kameron leads by example. Whether it be through examining ethical and sustainable business practices in South Africa via the LEAD Program, or advocating as one of three student representatives on the Oberlin College Alumni Leadership Council, he brings his desire to shape the narrative and drive understanding wherever he goes.

Writing is one of Kameron’s favorite activities, both professionally and recreationally. He’s crafted a diverse portfolio spanning many styles from striking op-eds to press releases to long-form reports. His writing has been featured on international platforms including The Huffington Post, Affinity Magazine, and The New York Times, and in smaller local publications such as The Oberlin Review and The Grape, Oberlin’s alternative student newspaper (where he served as the publication’s sole staff writer).

To his embrace, he’s bit of a nerd—Kameron enjoys spending his free time reading non–fiction books and tweeting about whatever news the day brings. He loves music, and has spent much of his life playing the alto saxophone (at one point he toured with a jazz band through France, Germany, and Italy).