An Ode to Fortune and Travel

‘O to the great fortune of travel

The world has given me, among many, the opportunity to see itself in all its grandeur

Its vast mountains and deep basins

Its hot springs and valleys

Its ice cream shops and retro diners

Its wi-fi cafes and currency exchanges


O how great such a fortune has been

Enabling me to see beyond the confines of my own geography

Offering me visions and site and scents to know

That dogs are beautiful in nearly every global region

That garlic tastes good on nearly every international cuisine


O how unsettled this fortune makes me

How indeed it is a fortune

And for most a privilege

Such a privilege comes with a responsibility

Responsibility, which, at the minimum, calls on us to share our experiences


O to the fortune of traveling

That has enabled me to see beyond myself

Allowing me to understand that human goodness is limitless

That love knows no borders in its abundance

And sometimes trickles down into the most unexpected, local places

Like King 235

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