The First Stretch

We’ve just crossed part of the Pacific Ocean journeying from Ensenada, Mexico and arriving in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Although it feel a little strange to be docked, I’m come to appreciate both the sight and feeling of land and the sense of security it renders.

Life on board has been good, and I’ll post more about ship life at a later time. I’m so pleased with the academics. Classes are split between “A” and “B” days. We have no classes while in country but make up for that by not having any real weekend; when we’re at sea we’re in class. Gruesome, right? Meh. Not quite. I’m fortunate to not have any classes on B days (minus Global Studies). So while my A days are packed, my B days are quite free, and that has left me with a lot of time to think about and reflect on time.

What to do with the seemingly copious amount of time I’ve been given… I’ve started taking to the keys a bit more, and was fortunate to pick up a drummer and meet a few guys who play guitar and sing. Music has always been described to me as a universal language, but even for those who can’t read it, music is a common thread that can bind folks even displaying the most superficial levels of diversity. Outside of music, I’ve also spent quite a bit of time reading—for class and for pleasure. I’m about halfway through Cory Booker’s United, which is one of two books I was able to fit alongside my other required class readings. This one will be done soon, and I know I’m going to finish the other book I brought before the voyage is over, so during my trip to Walmart tonight I plan on picking up a few more pieces to read.

One thing I didn’t really anticipate was having such a robust shipboard community—particularly organized clubs. We had the opportunity to sponsor and organize a club, so I decided to create a “Writer’s Guild at Sea.” Basically it will be an opportunity for students to get together, reflect on our travels, and document our experiences via written word. The focus will be on journaling and blogging. We haven’t had our first meeting yet, but we had the club/activities fair and over 60 students signed up to join!

I’ve had an amazing time already. Just getting to know many students and learning their stories has been a real treat. Tomorrow we’ll depart for over 10 days at sea. I hear that’s when the fun starts…

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  1. Kameron, just started reading these completely out of order – loving them & I am so jealous of your experience, your youth, your zest… I want to be there! I know this SAS will impact you for life. Keep writing & I will keep reading.


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