Fun in San Diego


I embark today. I’m excited.

It’s been really cool spending a couple days in San Diego. This was my first time visiting the city and everything has been extremely positive. The city is vibrant, friendly, warm, and full of the character I would expect from a big city. My biggest regret is that I didn’t get a chance to visit the zoo, which has received high praise from everyone I’ve talked to about it. Now I have an excuse to come back!

Upon our arrival my mom and I dropped our bags off at the hotel and went straight to lunch (you can build quite the appetite on a long flight from Detroit to San Diego). Of course we stopped at nowhere other than In-N-Out, my favorite California treat.

After lunch, we headed over to Target to pick up a few last toiletry and miscellaneous items. I was worried about my bag weighing over 50 pounds at the airport, so I decided to buy a few items post-flight rather than before. Afterwards, I crashed at the hotel and took a much needed nap.

Waking up in confusion derived from jet lag and midday slump, I pulled myself together to go out again. Mom and I drove around the area to take in some sights, but eventually night fell and we brought it in for dinner.

IMG_1855.jpgThe concierge service at the hotel recommended what turned out to be a phenomenal restaurant called Crab Hut. It was a seafood boil—the first time I had ever been to one. The food was AMAZING. As a seafood lover, I like to think I hold some pretty high standards. The food was well-seasoned and cooked to the perfect consistency. The meal was hands on though, so I had to get dirty…

After dinner we retreated to the hotel, but not before stopping by the pier to see the ship. It was beautiful.

The next day was similar. Woke up, had lunch at a phenomenal crêpe restaurant. Finished there, and explored the Balboa Park area.

Later, my mom attended a parents’ session and toured the ship. I stuck around at the hotel (students weren’t invited to the parent gathering) and tried to tighten a few loose ends. Dinner and packing, followed. Now I’m on my way.


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